• Naiad


    <p>Naiads, Nymphs-Goddesses of the fountains, springs, rivers, lakes. A collection inpired from the Water, the second element of Nature. It carries its sensation, its fluidity, its sound.<br />Water narrates its journeys and transformations in a perpetual cycle around the earth. It brings the stories of all beings from the beginning of the world on an endless journey.</p>
  • The Blacksmith

    The Blacksmith

    <p>Born through hammer, anvil, fire, fluidity, destruction and dance. Alternation of textures, rough surfaces, engravings. </p>
  • Abundance


    <p>The simplicity of the shape, the sense of fluidity, the purity of the form and texture, the smoothness, the curvature of the elements compose the Abundance Collection. Through Abundance, the source is being expressed, both materially and immaterially.</p>
  • Ether


    <p>The Ether Collection is named after the fifth element. Ether is everywhere, fills the whole universe, penetrates matter and is the source of all energy. Jewelry with natural harmony contained in their form, giving us the sensation of endless flow.</p>
  • Thallus


    <p>Jewelry with organic forms and textures, inspired by tree branches and shoots. Thallus, “<em>the new, tender little branch</em>”.</p>
  • Alisachne


    <p>Alisachne, the thin layer of salt building on surfaces, like rock cavities by the sea.</p>
  • Selini


    <p>The morphology of the moon, the volcanic seas, the mountains and craters, gave the forms and name to this Collection. The texture of the jewelry creates the impression of frozen liquidity, the frozen movement of shapes.</p>
  • Horizon


    <p>Horizon, the union of Sea and Sky. The idea of the freedom and endlessness of the horizon is expressed through the forms and textures of the jewelry. A symbolic connection of the comprehensible and imaginary world.</p>
  • Encounter


    <p>Jewelry that can be worn in various ways, designed to follow the geometry of the face and body. Everything is different, and everything is united, through connection -the Encounter.</p>
  • Roots


    <p>The central idea of the Roots is based on natural shapes and the way they exist and develop in nature. Jewelry inspired by organic shapes and textures, such as roots, corals, shoots, tree trunks, rocks carved by waves.</p>
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